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China Rubber Processing Oil Market (2012)

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China has seen significant changes in the rubber processing oil market in 2012. Synthetic rubber industries such as tyre manufacturing were hit by the Euro debt crisis and an economic slowdown in China during the year. Many tyre manufacturers reduced production and prices. Therefore, the trading market of rubber processing oil was stagnant in China in 2012 as the product is one of the most important raw materials for tyre manufacturing.

China’s rubber processing oil market has gone through drastic changes in 2011-2012. However, the environmental-friendly rubber processing oil industry just sails out in the 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015). The development of rubber processing oil industry will become a mega-trend, so many producers eye expansion in production capacity. China has seen an increase in the production capacity and improvement in the oil quality in the past two years.

Therefore, it is worth noting that whether there will be an oversupply of rubber processing oil in the future when capacity grows and downstream demand weakens.

China Rubber Processing Oil Market (2012) will present you the 2012 Chinese rubber processing oil market in details, and future development in the next five years, based on extensive first-hand research compiled by ICIS C1 Energy and official data provided by government authorities such as the National Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs and National Development and Reform Commission.

The report probes into the operation, supply-and-demand balance, major market players and upstream/downstream industries of China’s rubber processing oil market. Its timely and extensive coverage on market movements is a necessity for your decision-making.

1. Supply and demand analysis on naphthenic, aromatic, environmental-friendly, paraffinic rubber processing oils;
2. Specification comparison between major domestic and overseas rubber processing oils;
3. Analysis on prices of rubber processing oils in China in 2012;
4. Systematic analysis on the consumption of rubber processing oils in major downstream industries;
5. Major events in 2012.

Market spotlights
1. Is there any change in China’s rubber processing oil supply and demand in 2012?
2. Is environmental-friendly rubber processing oil still the mega-trend in the coming years?
3. Synthetic rubber industries such as tyre manufacturing were on a downtrend in 2012. What impact this imposes on the rubber processing oil market?
4. China’s imports of aromatic rubber processing oils from Iran were affected in 2012 after western powers such as the US imposed an embargo on Iranian petroleum products from 1 July. Is there any impact on China’s import of aromatic rubber processing oils?

Table of Contents
1. Terms and Definitions
    1.1 Geographic Coverage
    1.2 Terms and Definitions 
2. Overview
3. Specifications of Rubber Processing Oils
    3.1 Naphthenic Rubber Processing Oils
    3.2 Aromatic Rubber Processing Oils
         3.2.1 Domestic Aromatic Rubber Processing Oils
         3.2.2 Imported Aromatic Rubber Processing Oils
    3.3 Environmental-friendly Rubber Processing Oils
    3.4 Paraffinic Rubber Processing Oils
4. Supply & Demand Analysis on China Rubber Processing Oil Market
    4.1 Overview
    4.2 Naphthenic Rubber Processing Oils
          4.2.1 Supply
          4.2.2 Demand
    4.3 Aromatic Rubber Processing Oils
          4.3.1 Supply
          4.3.2 Demand
          4.3.3 Import
    4.4 Environmental-friendly Rubber Processing Oils
         4.4.1 Supply
         4.4.2 Demand
         4.4.3 Import
    4.5 Paraffinic Rubber Processing Oils
         4.5.1 Supply
         4.5.2 Demand
5. Price Analysis
    5.1 Naphthenic Rubber Processing Oils
    5.2 Aromatic Rubber Processing Oils
    5.3 Environmental-friendly Rubber Processing Oils
    5.4 Paraffinic Rubber Processing Oils
6. Downstream Industries
    6.1 Tyre Industry
         6.1.1 Overview of China Tyre Industry
         6.1.2 Application of Rubber Processing Oils
         6.1.3 Demand of Rubber Processing Oils in Tyre Industry
         6.1.4 Appendix: Top 30 Domestic Processing Oil Consumers in Tyre Industry
   6.2 Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR) Industry
         6.2.1 Overview of SBR Industry
         6.2.2 Application of Rubber Processing Oils
         6.2.3 Demand of Rubber Processing Oils in SBR Industry
         6.2.4 Appendix: Top 10 Domestic Processing Oil Consumers in SBR Industry
   6.3 Shoe Materials & TPR Industries
         6.3.1 Overview of Shoe Material Industry
         6.3.2 Application of Rubber Processing Oils
         6.3.3 Demand of Rubber Processing Oils
         6.3.4 Appendix: Top Five Domestic Processing Oil Consumers in Shoe Material Industry
   6.4 Rubber Parts & Products
         6.4.1 Overview of Rubber Parts and Products
         6.4.2 Application of Rubber Processing Oils
         6.4.3 Demand of Rubber Processing Oils 
         6.4.4 Appendix: Top 10 Domestic Processing Oil Consumers in Rubber Parts and Products
7. Policies & Regulations
   7.1 EU Regulation on Tyre Labelling Takes Effect on 1 November 2012
   7.2 China Implements New Consumption Tax on Petroleum Products on 1 January 2013


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