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C1 Research on China 2011 Regional Natural Gas Markets

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China’s natural gas supply shortage has been widening. Its gas apparent consumption breached 100Gm3 in 2010. The country started importing natural gas via pipeline in the year, though it saw sharp rises in domestic LNG producing capacity.  

China’s regional gas markets recorded rapid progress in the last two years. PetroChina put more branches of the second West-East Gas Pipeline on stream in 2011. The giant started operating Jiangsu Rudong LNG terminal in the same year. LNG prices in the domestic spot market rose in the traditional slack season in 2011 because of a wider supply gap.
◆ What is the natural gas consumption mix of the top ten Chinese gas-consuming cities? How many shares do the residential, industrial and chemical users, power plants and vehicles hold in the consumption mix?
◆ How about the demand and supply in China’s ten major natural-gas-consuming provinces/cities?
◆ Will the major regional gas markets continue to record double-digit annual growth rates in their gas demand?
◆ Who are the major gas suppliers in the different domestic regions? What about the purchasing costs?
◆ What is the operation status of existing domestic LNG producers? Any plans for new LNG production projects?
You can find answers to the above questions in this research, which is based on C1 Energy’s surveys in 25 provinces, five autonomous regions and four municipalities.
This report presents gas consumers categories, with elaboration on major industrial users and power plants. It introduces gas prices and gas suppliers in the domestic regions, with comprehensive data. It also forecasts the market trends based on data analysis.
Table of Contents

1.      China’s Gas Market by Region in 2011
1.1 Gas Demand & Supply by Region
1.1.1        Guangdong
1.1.2        Jiangsu
1.1.3        Zhejiang
1.1.4        Shandong
1.1.5        Sichuan
1.1.6        Hebei
1.1.7        Anhui
1.1.8        Hunan
1.1.9        Hubei
1.1.10    Henan
1.1.11    Jiangxi
1.1.12    Guangxi
1.1.13    Shaanxi
1.1.14    Xinjiang
1.1.15    Shanghai
1.1.16    Beijing
1.1.17    Tianjin
1.1.18    Chongqing
1.1.19    Others
1.2 Gas Prices by Region
1.3 LNG Prices in 2011
1.4 LNG Price Forecast for 2012

2.      China’s Gas Market Forecast for 2012-2016
2.1 Demand Forecast
2.2 Supply Forecast
2.2.1        Production Forecast
2.2.2        Imports Forecast
2.3 Gas Apparent Consumption Forecast

3.      China’s LNG Projects Introduction
3.1 LNG Projects in Operation
3.2 LNG Projects in Construction & Plan

4.      China’s LNG Transporters
4.1 Producers Have Transport Capacity
4.2 Independent Transporters

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